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Wondering how to plan for college (and pay for it) during a pandemic?

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You can save on college and empower your student for a bright future...even if you earn too much for financial aid...and even during a pandemic. We'd love to help.


* You don't qualify for need-based financial aid and this time of uncertainty makes you want more options for where your student goes to college and how much you pay for it.

* You feel guilty that you haven't saved enough to pay for college. 
* You dread the idea of letting your student down, burdening them with decades of college debt, or wiping out your retirement to pay for college.

* You're overwhelmed and too busy to waste time figuring out what to do about the outrageous cost of college.

* And you're terrified of your student becoming yet another college graduate who starts their adult life with $30,000 in student debt.
You're not alone.

Hi, I'm Nancy Paul

Founder of Three Wishes College Strategies, bestselling author, former UCLA scholarship judge, merit scholarship consultant, speaker, and seminar leader.

My three daughters won $600,000 in merit scholarships. Every dollar gave us options for paying for college and lead to benefits we never imagined. Looking at what we did right (and wrong), I created the W.I.S.H.E.S. System™ to help other parents that earn too much for financial aid and care how much they pay for college.

We give parents who don’t qualify for financial aid the peace of mind knowing how to pay for college and empower their students for bright futures in the process.


We've been helping families like yours since 2011.

How we do it:

Our proven W.I.S.H.E.S. System™ enables families who earn too much for financial aid to pay less for college with cost-saving strategies that empower their students with more confidence, opportunities, life skills and financial freedom. 

  • Go at your own pace pursuing merit scholarships with The College Treasure Chest: Where to Find More Money for College Faster...and easier.
  • Get custom solutions and done-with-you support in our Save on College Private Coaching Program.  We'll design and help implement your student's own game plan, including personal branding so they stand out in admissions and cost-saving strategies that fit their uniqueness and your priorities.
  •  Host a LIVE Pay Less for College Boot Camp for your group, clients, employees or members.  EVERY family that has attended one of our signature events has found merit scholarships during the event and learned how to use our W.I.S.H.E.S. System™ to avoid feeling overwhelmed and stop wasting time.

Why now?

You don't earn too much -- and it's not too soon  -- for your student to get merit scholarships (money for college based on achievement) and reduce college costs with our other strategies, too. 

You don't have to spend 100's of hours looking for merit scholarships or other strategies like we did. 
Or regret not taking steps to lower the cost of college when you had the chance.

Why it matters?

Parents have been unfairly burdened and blamed for not being able to keep up with rising college costs.  We're passionate about being part of the solution by educating families that earn too much for financial aid how to save on college and empower their students. 

The opportunities are HUGE!  The challenges are big, too. Both revolve around what we can do as parents, advisors, educators and business leaders to ensure our kids (and future leaders) reach their potential.

Parents shouldn't have to choose between giving their kids a college education and risking their family's financial health. 

The W.I.S.H.E.S. System™ because today's graduates need to be prepared to launch productive, purposeful lives so that all the money, time, and effort are worth it.

                                                      What to do now: 
Contact us today to explore your next steps.  The coronavirus doesn't have to put your dreams for your student on hold.

Getting into college is one thing.   
Paying for it is another. ®


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Get your free guide, “Navigating College Planning Through a Pandemic: Staying Safe, Sane & Strategic with Less Stress & More Success Saving on College & Supporting Your Student’s Dreams.”