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You CAN Save on College...
Even if You Earn Too Much for Financial Aid

Skyrocketing college costs keeping you up at night?

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You CAN pay less for college and
                      empower your teen for a brighter future in the process!                          
The challenge and the opportunity revolve around what we can do as parents, advisors, educators and business leaders to ensure our kids (and future leaders) reach their potential.


Getting into college isn’t enough.
We have to pay for it, one way or another.
We need to be sure our students are truly prepared
to make the most of college so they graduate ready to maximize
their potential as purposeful, confident, self-reliant, and
fiscally responsible members of society.
The opportunities are HUGE!  The challenges are big, too.
We have big dreams for our kids.
You CAN reduce the cost of college even if you earn too much for
financial aid but not enough to pay for college.
You just need to know what to do and how to do it.
And you’re in the right place at the perfect time.
“My three daughters won $600,000 in merit scholarships.  
Every dollar gave us options for paying for college and lead to benefits we never imagined. It’s my mission to help you and families nationwide combat rising college costs, avoid the burden of college debt, and maximize your student’s potential.” 
Nancy Paul

Getting into college is one thing.   
Paying for it is another. ®

Get Nancy Paul’s bestseller, 
The Little Book about Scholarships,
a crash course in merit scholarships. 

Free book just pay $4.99 shipping & handling.


Get control over how much you spend
on college and empowering your teen, 
you can receive a free copy of my bestseller, 
The Little Book About Scholarships. 

(Just pay $4.99 S&H)

It’s a crash course in merit scholarships – money for college based on achievement.
You’ll get answers to the 10 most common questions about merit scholarships…plus info on things you may not even know you don’t know!

Together, Nancy’s three girls won $600,000 in merit aid.  The book tells you how they did it.  The money was great; the non-financial benefits were priceless.

Yes, send my book!


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