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Community Service and Passion Lead to Success with College Process

Pursuing a passion and community service involvement are a powerful combination for success with the college process...and a student’s enjoyment of the road to get there!

Colleges want to know who your student is and how they will contribute to their campus.  Involvements reveal a student’s values, character and leadership skills.

As competition for admissions and merit scholarships soars, students who pursue a passion over an extended period are at a big advantage.  Increasingly, students need to present themselves as  “more than their numbers.”   Grades and SAT/ACT scores alone are often not enough.

There are a lot of very smart, high achieving students competing for college admissions.
Students need to set themselves apart beyond academics.  The sooner they pursue a passion or two, the better.

As a merit scholarship judge for one of the world’s highest ranked universities, I have seen how much a student’s passion...

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How High School Juniors Get Ready For the College Process

If you have a high school junior, no one needs to remind you that you’re heading into that exciting, yet daunting world of college applications.   It probably seems unbelievable that you’re next in line to become “one of those parents” who’s experiencing first hand what you’ve heard about for years: the craziness of senior year and the college process.

Wasn’t it only yesterday that they were learning the alphabet?

Whether you’ve had your sights on a particular college – your alma matter, perhaps – or you’re totally open minded about your student’s “best fit,” your rising high school senior needs a strategy.

I was speaking with my brother last week about this exact topic.  With so many “priorities” competing for my niece’s attention, here’s what I told him:

  • Study hard for finals. Second semester of junior year is the last set of grades students will have before...
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How To Pay Less For College When Your Student Refuses To Do Scholarship Applications

Merit scholarships are a great way to pay less for college. But private merit scholarships aren’t the only way to use your student’s achievements and efforts to lower college costs.


I was speaking with a mom today who shared that her son, a high school sophomore, refuses to do “all those” scholarship applications.  This highly successful attorney told him she believes he’ll regret not having more choices about where he can go to college, but it’s his decision to get a job to contribute to the cost of his college education.


She was heart-broken.


She wants the best for her son.  And being able to pay for college is part of her goals.


I first responded by congratulating her and her son for having such an honest conversation about the cost of college.


Then I shared strategies to lower college costs with achievements in other ways that also allow him to contribute the cost of his own college education.

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