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Community Service and Passion Lead to Success with College Process

Pursuing a passion and community service involvement are a powerful combination for success with the college process...and a student’s enjoyment of the road to get there!

Colleges want to know who your student is and how they will contribute to their campus.  Involvements reveal a student’s values, character and leadership skills.

As competition for admissions and merit scholarships soars, students who pursue a passion over an extended period are at a big advantage.  Increasingly, students need to present themselves as  “more than their numbers.”   Grades and SAT/ACT scores alone are often not enough.

There are a lot of very smart, high achieving students competing for college admissions.
Students need to set themselves apart beyond academics.  The sooner they pursue a passion or two, the better.

As a merit scholarship judge for one of the world’s highest ranked universities, I have seen how much a student’s passion can guide their career interests, volunteer involvements, extra-curricular activities, summer plans, college majors, and more.

Volunteering can give your student “real life” experience in something they care about and may want to study in college.  I routinely find (or create) community service opportunities for my private clients that allow them to explore their academic interests to either confirm or adjust their pursuits.

Passion has a special role in helping teens win at all aspects of the college game, including:

  • Getting into more colleges
  • Earning merit scholarships (money for college based on achievement)
  • Choosing community service activities they will want to pursue extensively
  • Avoiding the cost of changing college majors
  • Exploring college majors and careers
  • Feeling purposeful
  • Creating content for admissions and scholarship essays
  • Enjoying school…and life!

The most strategic way to save time, get into more colleges, and lower the cost of college is to blend passion and community service.

I coach my private clients on exploring college majors and career goals with community service tied to their passions.  This is a winning strategy for avoiding the cost of changing college majors.

Students who love their community service involvement will naturally rise as leaders and make a bigger impact.

Quality of involvement is more important than quantity.

I’m often asked how many community service hours is enough.  The number isn’t what matters. It’s what a student does with their volunteer efforts and their impact on a project that matters.

Engaging in meaningful activities are an important part of a student’s success getting into more colleges, creating options for how much they spend, and empowering them to reach their potential.

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