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College Visit Checklist

College visits are important. They can be fun as well as informative.

Planning ahead will make the visit more productive and ensure that you and your student get the information you need.

When should you go?

You may decide to visit colleges before your student applies; wait until after they've been admitted; or do a little of each.

Visiting early in the college process will allow you to save on admissions application fees as well as spare your student from wasting time on applications for schools they wouldn't attend even if they were to be admitted.

Plus, if your student visits before submitting their application, they can incorporate something about visiting their campus into their essay and demonstrate their deep interest in that school.

However, traveling for college visits can be expensive and time consuming, depending how far you go and how many schools you tour.

Meanwhile, some families choose to only visit schools after their student has been accepted. This strategy avoids...

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