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How to Ace a Skype Scholarship Interview

Whether it’s for a scholarship, admissions, internship or a job, interviews offer a great opportunity to showcase your personality, character, passion and qualifications.  Interviews provide a great opportunity to connect with judges beyond the written word.

I often coach students to present themselves as likeable in their essays.  The same is true for interviews.  Scholarship judges, admissions officers and employers, are people after all. And it’s only natural that we want people we like to succeed.

That’s especially true when you are competing for money for college.  With the cost of college up another 3-5% nationwide over last year, there are a lot of deserving students looking for ways to pay less.

            “Getting into college is one thing.  Paying for it is another.” ®

By definition, merit scholarships provide money for college based on achievement. ...

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